Made Members Discuss Navigating Open Days in Manufacturing

By Made In Group
schedule24th Apr 24

Members of Made in the Midlands and Made in Yorkshire took part in a round table discussion, during their Monthly Industry MeetUp on 24th April 2024, to talk about Open Days. Members of the group shared insight on hosting an open day, the dos and don'ts and why we should be attending industry open days to create transparency and build trust in manufacturing. 

Made’s online Industry MeetUps allow manufacturing professionals to share and learn best practices on various relevant topics within the industry. They also offer the chance to network with like minded individuals and join discussions on said topics. 

In manufacturing, open days serve as invaluable opportunities for companies to showcase their facilities, processes, and products to stakeholders, potential clients, and the wider community. These events offer transparency, enhance brand reputation, and provide learning opportunities, all while fostering valuable networking connections. 

The discussion, hosted by Yasmin Banner from Made in Group, delved into various aspects of open day planning, execution, and outcomes. Steve, Managing Director of HPC Laser, shared his perspective on the importance of open days, especially as his company prepares to showcase its new facility and cutting-edge machinery. Structuring the day's activities and ensuring informative sessions were highlighted as crucial elements in maximising the impact of such events.

Attendees like Ella from Becker UK emphasised the value of attending open days to gain insights into different manufacturing processes and technologies. Others, such as Andrew from Southern City College, underscored the significance of meticulous preparation and effective communication in engaging attendees and achieving desired outcomes.

Lindsay, from Garthwest, drawing from his extensive experience in event management, stressed the importance of clarity in mission objectives and meticulous planning to ensure a seamless and enriching experience for attendees. Jacqueline, from Hyfore Workholding, echoing Lindsay's sentiments, explored the concept of staggered tours as a means to optimise engagement and provide personalised experiences for visitors.

Throughout the discussion, a common thread emerged: the need for strategic planning, effective communication, and a customer-centric approach to open day events. By tailoring activities to the interests and needs of attendees, providing informative sessions, and fostering meaningful interactions, companies can leverage open days as powerful tools for brand building, customer engagement, and industry networking.

As the conversation drew to a close, participants expressed gratitude for the shared insights and pledged to apply these learnings to future open day initiatives. From harnessing the potential of digital platforms for pre-event engagement to ensuring a warm and welcoming atmosphere on the day, the collective wisdom gleaned from this discussion promises to shape the future success of open days in the manufacturing sector.

In conclusion, navigating the world of open days in manufacturing requires a blend of strategic foresight, meticulous planning, and genuine engagement. By embracing these principles and leveraging the diverse perspectives of industry peers, companies can unlock new opportunities for growth, innovation, and community building in the dynamic landscape of manufacturing.

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